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Shaniah Paige is a country/pop singer and songwriter from Roseville, Illinois who began loving music at a young age. And fun fact? Her parents named her Shaniah after Shania Twain! So clearly music was meant to be. Writing about her life experiences with no hesitation of calling someone out the way it is, she’s basically the next Taylor Swift.

By the age of 15, Shaniah was already working with Andrew Lane (a multi-platinum music producer involved with High School Musical, Miley Cyrus, and Hannah Montana), who helped her with her first few singles. Once she went to college as a full-time student, she STILL managed to balance music and school.

One of our favorite songs by Shaniah has to be the Disney themed track, “Alice In Wonderland”. Shaniah playfully put a twist on this badass girl power track by using references from the movie, Alice In Wonderland. The song starts off with her singing, “Maybe it’s your long blonde hair / That makes the flowers stop and stare / Maybe it’s big blue eyes / That makes a cat laugh through the night / Well honey your time is up / Get ready for your closeup.”

While explaining the girl with the blonde hair and blue eyes, she’s referencing how Alice looks in the movie, but clearly not talking about that character. She cleverly ties the two together, as she talks about a girl she most likely knows. She also references the flowers that are in the movie, as the boys that are the staring at “Alice”.

And that’s just the beginning. She then goes on singing lyrics like, “Off with your head / I’m the one he wants instead / Your stuck in quicksand / Lost like Alice in wonderland,” and “Go down that / Get your mad hatter in control.” If you’re into Disney, you will most definitely know that the quote “Off with your head” is referring to the Queen of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland. We love how she’s sassily talking about how the boy that these two girls want are now hers, no matter how in denial the other girl is about the situation.If you love artists Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, and/or Hunter Hayes, you may love Shaniah Paige! You can find her new EP, Last Year, available February 23rd.

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