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New Go With The Flow Music Video

I’m so excited to share my debut music video with you.

With larger gatherings finally happening, and things starting to open up, I couldn’t think of a better time to drop this new music video. Had such a blast working on this one and cannot wait for you to hear it!

Go With The Flow – your friend,


ABIAN also known as Fabian Liss Svedlund was born and raised in Rättvik / Dalarna in the heart of Sweden. Surrounded by the woods, lakes, the sound of piano and jazz he began to play his way into electronic music.


“The idea for the song started with a beat I wanted to do. When I got that right, everything else came naturally. I contacted a guy in Los Angeles who I thought had a perfect voice for my song. “Go with the flow” is about not complicating things. Not think too much, instead trust and listen to yourself. Then everything will work out just fine.”

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