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Top 10 Indie Bands – Most Influential Indie Bands Ever

Top 10 Indie Bands – Most Influential Indie Bands Ever

The ‘ Indie Rock’ genre originated in the US and some parts of the UK, during the 70’s and 80’s. It is very hard to define the exact boundaries of the genre, but it is basically a kind of alternative rock which was mostly popular in the underground scene. There are several indie bands who made an impact, but I have compiled a list my favourite top 10 indie bands who took the genre by storm. Here are the 10 top indie bands:

Top 10 Indie Bands – No 10. The Replacements:

According to many people, you can’t call yourself a true indie music fan, if you haven’t listened to their music, and I totally agree with that. They were just something else. Most of their songs were about breaking away from the traditional 9 to 5 life. They were more popular, especially among the hard core party lovers. ” Can’t Hardly Wait”, is one of their most popular works.

Top 10 Indie Bands – No 9. LCD Soundsystem:

This band was formed in New York in 2002 by James Murphy: This band rose to fame mainly because of him. He had a very unique kind of personality and was able to connect with the audiences. In 2010, they became popular , because of their album, ‘ This is Happening’. The songs had some warm notes and people were able to relate with their music. Unfortunately, they decided to quit in 2011. However, before saying goodbye, they gave one amazing final performance at the Madison Square Garden.

Top 10 Indie Bands – No 8. Modest mouse:

I find this band both weird and genius at the same time. When the band first came on to the music scene, most of the other musicians were writing lyrics about intellectualism and other serious things. However, they chose to focus their songs on casual substance abuse. They took a risk, but it paid off thanks to their quirky guitar notes and their catchy lyrics. Their song, ‘ The Lonesome Crowded Most’ became incredible popular and made them globally famous. After that, they also wrote several pop sings, but they never really lost their Indie Style.

Top 10 Indie Bands – No 7. R.E.M:

They are well known for their contribution to the indie rock music. Under them, the genre took a whole new direction. I really liked their energy, and the sheer enthusiasm which they showed while playing their music. “The One I love’, by R.E.M, was one of the most popular songs in the 80’s. They also had a huge fan base. Till now, they have sold more than 80 million copies of their albums.

Top 10 Indie Bands – No 6. Spoon:

Spoon rose to fame during the 90’s. At that time, every band used to sign a contract with major labels. Spoon also signed one such contract, but it was cancelled when they failed to meet their deadlines. However, unlike most bands, they managed to recover and make a comeback. Their comeback story attracted me to them the most. Their songs had a touch of both hip hop and pop music. ‘ Gimme Fiction’, is one of their most popular works.

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