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Slightly Left of Centre – Remarkable Electronic Infused Sound

Slightly Left of Center
Slightly Left of Center

Slightly Left of Centre – Remarkable Electronic Infused Sound

When Mick Pace and Adam Spicer forged their long-time friendship with music six years ago, a very popular and celebrated Melbourne-based pop duo Slightly Left of Centre was formed. This Australian talent came to the world stage and swept everybody off their feet with their strongest, original and diverse music. Band’s tongue-in-cheek approach towards music along with their ability to control all aspects of the production such as recording, mixing and editing themselves are the main reasons for their unparalleled local and international success.

The name of the band ‘Slightly Left of Centre’ or SLC was originally chosen by the duo so as to make their band stand head and shoulders above the rest of the league. Just like they wanted, the band emerged out to be successful and stood out among the crowd because of their flawless uniqueness and remarkable talent. Unlike other musical acts, the duo are involved in the writing of all the music and also created extraordinary videos themselves.

Debut Release of the Band:

Slightly Left of Centre based in Melbourne, Australia released their first album ‘Call Me For The Weekend’ in mid-2014. No sooner was the debut album unleashed; the whimsical mentality of the band was made clear to the audiences. The inspiration to form a hip-hop band with a friend hit Spicer’s mind when his then thirteen years old sister told him how other musical bands were making millions of dollars through music.

With a dream to form a band of his own, Spicer took to guitar and joined a few punk and metal bands. First few experiences with those bands made him realise that this is what he intends to do for the rest of his life. Spicer’s friend Pace in the meantime took to writing letters back and forth to Johnny Cash. He kept writing letters to him with the help of his grandfather until Cash left for his heavenly abode. Having been able to exchange letters between Cash and his management was an overwhelming privilege according to Pace.

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Remarkable Sound Tracks:

Spicer and Pace together created some of the marvellous pieces of music that have stepped up the level of music for other bands entirely. Their ability to write the funkiest and catchiest tracks is absolutely unconditional and truly unstoppable. Their music is best described when Maroon 5 meets Daft Punk where any and every musical genre is wisely thrown in between. There are other similar but more stunning tracks created by the duo under their key musical influence.

Their 80s and 90s inspired electronic infused sound is truly unique and is easily distinguishable among various playlists. Fans from all over the world have eagerly welcomed all the albums released by the band including Jamiroquai, Dead Letter Circus, Duran Duran, Stevie Wonder and more. Since the band came into being, their sound and writing style has evolved over years across several releases. Skills and song writing ability of Slightly Left of Centre has grown over years and they have become more experienced when it comes to songs licensed and international recognition.

The most recent track released by Slightly Left of Centre is ‘Euphoria’ which is a song to promote natural high. It encourages listeners to be alive and evokes them to live a life without any regrets whatsoever. All the songs released by the band have garnered millions of downloads and views.

When Spicer engages himself in the song writing process, he never restricts his thinking to any particular genre of music and goes all-out to self-pen a music that is highly attention grabbing. As soon as a melody strikes him, he sets on to build a complete song from there. Pace and Spicer are enjoying the positive feedback from the music-lovers who are truly and irrevocably in love with this band.

Both Pace and Spicer are going above and beyond to keep the train rolling forever. This is just the beginning for SLC and they have a long way to go in the field of music. They are continuously spreading their music all over the world and building a strong fan base with every passing day. There are many catchy songs queued up that are to be released in upcoming months. Slightly Left of Centre has achieved so much and is still leaving no stone unturned for garnering more and more recognition.


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Filmed by Michael Pace and Luke Maizey

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