Danielle Morgan: A Persistent Talent – London Singer/Songwriter

Danielle Morgan: London Singer/Songwriter

Danielle Morgan is a London based singer/songwriter/musician whose recent album, The Abbey Road Session is, is gaining much critical acclaim. The Limited Edition E.P. ranked #151 on its first day of release on Amazon UK, impressed fans the world over with her mature vocals and smooth sound.

Patience and Persistence Pays Off

The Abbey Road was not Danielle’s first rodeo. Danielle has been patiently perfecting her craft for the past 20 years as a singer and songwriter, having composed 50 original works to date. Morgan is also a graduate of the world famous BRIT school which is responsible for some of the U.K.’s most prolific musical talent. Before joining the BRIT school, Danielle started performing in the school choir at a young age, and she would listen to musicals and Motown, a broad foundation of which you can hear in her music. Danielle was offered recording contracts as a younger musician but didn’t feel mentally prepared; a decision which might have been difficult at the time, but it has paid off as evidenced in the maturity and grit of her current effort.

Since then she has collaborated with strong talents. One of the people she has worked with is LA producer Real John Smith. He has worked closely with her to produce her incredible body of work. Danielle lived and performed in Dubai for ten years, and The Abbey Road represents a strong return to her roots London. Danielle recorded the album with her incredible band: Jonathan Essick on lead, David Barbour on rhythm, John Merrigan on drums (he also co-wrote some of the songs), and Peter Rutherford on bass.

A Sound All On Her Own

The Abbey Road, which was recorded at the storied Abbey Road and was released in June of 2016, can best be described as eclectic, and the lyrics are soulful in their own right. The sound is definitely rock but with a soft lounge edge. Danielle has a unique sound, unlike what you would find anywhere else today. She described best herself as “a mix of styles and moods.” The four tracks on the E.P. are all unique, but blend well to make a compelling sound. “No Trace of You”, which climbed the charts to #62 in Hot New Releases, is affecting, and Danielle’s impressive vocals pull you into the song. “Take Him Away” has a sound that almost takes you back to the 60’s, and you can hear her heavy Motown influence in the song.

In “Love Me Hold Me”, you are drawn in again by Danielle’s remarkable vocals, and the piano backing is superb. “Behind Closed Doors” summarizes Danielle’s work well, as the lyrics are haunting yet relatable. In an interview with Twist Online, Danielle said that as a songwriter, as hopes that people can connect with her music and change what they need to in their lives. Danielle went on to say, “music helps people from any background to find an equal and accessible playing field to be inspired, or to escape, or to find a path forward for them as an individual.” In this way, the accessibility of her music comes through in the E.P.

The album has been well received by critics and fans alike. In addition to charting on Amazon, the album was premiered on 92.6, The Blitz, a popular rock station in Los Angeles, California. Her online fans love her music as well. One commenter captures the effect of her music perfectly, “one play and I’m hooked!”.

Back To Her Roots

Danielle Morgan is originally from London, so her current tour represents a sort of ‘coming home’ for her. In the summer of 2016, she played in various places in the UK including London, Edinburgh, Belfast, and Dublin. She also played some gigs in Brighton in late 2016.

Her performances get rave reviews from fans who cannot get enough of her music. Fans said her old-school and honest music got the fans engaged. One positive review said that her audience is taken “on an emotional journey.” Another said, “On stage, Morgan is at her best & is absolutely mesmerizing.”

Danielle Morgan plans to perform away from London and will be touring more in the U.K in 2017, but official dates have yet to be announced. Due to her solid following in the U.S., Danielle is also planning dates in America for late 2017 as well.

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