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  • How to pick a band name


    How To Pick a Band Name

    Selecting the right name for your band Selecting the right name for your band can be fun and exciting, but it’s challenging and tricky too. Thats why we have outlined some ideas on How to pick a band name below. With any luck, your band’s name will be around for a long time, so it’s […] More

  • Classical Indie Music

    Despite the title of this piece I will not be referring to any grungy sounding voices accompanied by a repetitive bass backdrop, but rather considering classical and orchestral style indie music. The concept that this kind of music, generally seen as something to be enjoyed by the upper echelons of society, can in fact be […] More

  • Natalia Damini

    Natalia Damini – Taking the USA by storm

    Natalia Damini Los Angeles – Taking the USA by storm It is well known that international singer songwriter Natalia Damini, took off to a strong start in her musical career at the young age of 17 with the release of ‘Feelin’ The Love’. The song was produced alongside a friend, who sent it to the […] More

  • Featuring: Emmy Law – Atlanta Singer Songwriter

    Emmy Law is an Atlanta based singer songwriter with a very unique voice and strong trajectory, with her re-release of debut album, ‘Fairyland’ just around the corner and her up and coming tour going in the autumn it’s looking to be a good year for Emmy. Her voice is sound is clearly pop but certain […] More

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    DISCOVER: “Forever After” by Stray Monroe

    Stray Monroe is an indie rock band from San Diego, California who believe that rock and roll is alive and well. They even encourage listeners to take a listen to their music to see for themselves. And trust us, you should. Consisting of Blake Imperl (vocals, guitar), Brett Kelly (bass), and Colin Croft (drums), these […] More

  • Troye Sivan Releases “My My My!” and “The Good Side”

    Following his 2015 studio debut, Blue Neighbourhood, it looks like Troye Sivan has another album in the works after he released two new tracks. And we couldn’t be any happier! First, he surprised fans by releasing “My My My!” which is an electronic pop track that’s all about “liberation, freedom, and love,” according to Troye […] More

  • DISCOVER: “One Day” by Greg Harrison Band – Bridgeport USA

    The Greg Harrison Band is an independent rock/country band from West Virginia consisting of Greg Harrison (vocals/guitar), John Bonnett (lead guitar/vocals), Sam Nesbitt (bass/vocals), and Zack Lilley (drums/vocals). What’s unique about this band is the fact that their musical journey began after Greg had a near death experience. Like many people do, Greg began creating […] More

  • Blue Helix Release Music Video for “Anti-Social Butterfly”

    From Puyallup, Washington and Sao Paulo, Brazil, Blue Helix is a modern rock band consisting of Sami Chohfi, Arman Birang, Marco Bicca, and Wolf. Sami, the singer and songwriter of the group, dealt with bullying as a kid. So he used the power of music to help others going through the same or similar issues […] More

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    Danielle Morgan: A Persistent Talent – London Singer/Songwriter

    Danielle Morgan: London Singer/Songwriter Danielle Morgan is a London based singer/songwriter/musician whose recent album, The Abbey Road Session is, is gaining much critical acclaim. The Limited Edition E.P. ranked #151 on its first day of release on Amazon UK, impressed fans the world over with her mature vocals and smooth sound. Patience and Persistence Pays […] More

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    Darren Parry – Welsh Multiple Award Winner Released New Single

    Darren Parry Wales – Words Don’t Even Come Close Darren Parry, the Welsh songwriter & singer, and the multiple award winner released new single, “The Grass Is Not Always Greener” on 28th January. This latest hit followed a successful and eventful year for the Welsh songwriter and singer, including Lee Gilbert and Nina Jones. He […] More

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