How To Pick a Band Name

How to pick a band name
How to pick a band name

Selecting the right name for your band

Selecting the right name for your band can be fun and exciting, but it’s challenging and tricky too. Thats why we have outlined some ideas on How to pick a band name below. With any luck, your band’s name will be around for a long time, so it’s important to get it right. As well as choosing a name which is meaningful to you and your bandmates, you’ll want something which reflects your style and appeals to your audience as well.

Don’t rush it

Waiting for inspiration to strike can be frustrating, but don’t pick a band name on a whim. Patience will certainly pay off because having the right name can increase the success of your group. Providing your name reflects your music, you’ll find that you reach a wider audience and, more importantly, you’ll reach listeners who favor your genre.

Whilst it’s not impossible to change your band name, it can make things more difficult. If fans already know you by your original name, switching to something else could mean you get lost in the mix. you may be eager to get your name sorted straight away, sometimes taking your time can help to ensure you get it right first time.

Write music first

Chances are, you won’t be able to pick the perfect band name until you’ve written a fair amount of music together as a group. If you’ve only just teamed up with your bandmates, you’ll need to give it some time until you stumble across the right name. Only after writing some music, rehearsing and getting to know one another will you be able to choose the correct name to represent your band.

Get local inspiration

Many bands name themselves after the location they originated from, so this might be something you want to try out. If you and your bandmates hail from different parts of the country or even various continents, try melding two locations together and see how it sounds. Alternatively, use the location where your bandmates first met or where you rehearse to find a meaningful moniker for your group.

Try a band name generator

An online band name generator is a great way to come with a name if you’re struggling to find something that fits. With endless suggestions, it won’t take long until you find something that reflects you and your bandmates as individuals, as well as your group. Choose to stick with a suggestion from your online band name generator or add a unique twist to add personality and character to your band name. If you’re still unsure on how to pick a band name then a great place to start is using our new band name generator by following the link below.

Keep a list

You might come up with tens or even hundreds of band names before you decide on the right one, so make sure you keep a list of contenders! There’s nothing worse than thinking of a great name for your band and then having it go clean out of your mind. Jot potential names down on a piece of paper or record them on your phone or tablet, and you’ll always have a handy reminder of what you’ve come up with.

Be unique

You can’t choose a name that’s already in use, but you won’t want to pick something which is too close to another band name either. If people confuse you with another band, you could miss out on support from your fans, or end up with disappointed punters at gigs. Whilst it’s fine to use generic words which other bands have used in their names, ensure your group’s title is as unique as you are.

Look for inspiration

Band names can come out of nowhere, so keep your eyes and ears open for inspiration at all times. Whether you want a one-word name, a longer moniker or you want to invent a new word yourselves, you never know when inspiration will strike. Check out some classic literature, poetry or old movies and you’ll be surprised at how well the lyrics and dialogue can work for musical bands and groups.

Get feedback

If you’ve come up with a shortlist of your favourite names, make sure you get some feedback before you make your final choice. Asking friends and family members what they think can be useful, but remember they may not be your target audience. Where it Pop, Electronic, EDM of heavy metal, find fans of your genre and ask them to give you honest feedback about your suggested band names. It’s also a great idea to ask your friends for their suggestions on how to pick a band name.

Protect your name

Once you’ve come up with the perfect name for your band, you’ll want to ensure you protect it. It may be possible to copyright your name, but you can also register it as a domain and on various social media sites. With your band name settled, you’ll be ready to start promoting your music and booking your first professional gigs, so having your online identity in place will be a great way to get your band name out there.

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