Released 26th May 2021

For fans of:  My Chemical Romance – Catfish And The Bottlemen – The Beatles!



Hailing from London, 4-piece Alt-Rock outfit


are not simply a band, but a communion of

ideas and intents. Frustrated with the reality

of our world, lost between a dire pandemic

scenario and a hostile political climate,

Marco, Joe, Will and Simon didn’t waste any

time complaining, instead engaging their

musical talent as an artistic output,

particularly noticeable in their raw,

high-powered live shows. Inspired by the

rebellious sound of the 90s – think Nirvana,

Libertines, Placebo – and evergreen rock

pillars – Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, The

Clash – Ravenfangs create three-dimensional

music, balanced between poignant guitar

tones and unapologetic power drums,

topped by close-knit, dense vocals, eager to

convey their inquisitive message. Playing

the long-term game, the band champions a

”Provehito In Altum” work ethic, all

members sharing the same ambition and

goals, both personally and musically.

RAGE! Is about feeling comfortable with yourself and accepting yourself without

the need of fake something you are not, and embracing your beliefs.

Live dates:

26th May – New Cross Inn

11th June – The Armersham Arms

11th July – The Black Heart ( Camden Rock)

27th August – The Grace

22nd Sept – The Unicorn

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