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UNIQUE AND ATTRACTIVE SOUND! Everlit Band: The future in the Rock Industry.

UNIQUE AND ATTRACTIVE SOUND! Everlit Band: The future in the Rock Industry.

Everlit doesn’t have a long trajectory in the musical world. In fact, the first promotional song was launched on June 23, 2015. The company which supported the EP launching of the Everlit band was the RDC Media Group. However, despite its recent start, the promotional song “Break Away” got a huge reception in local radio stations, as well as an incredible reception on the media as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. This young band has reached a seat in the Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Indicator chart as the most added song on April, 23rd. But, the Everlit band keeps reaching goals in the Musical World, for example, the promotional single “Break Away” spent more than 20 weeks in the top 10 on Loudwire’s Battle Royale. Even thought, Everlit doesn’t have a long musical trajectory, it has got great and positives musical reviews.

Ryan, Jordan, Anthony, Fidelity and Kyle are the integrants of this band, which has been called as a future musical success according to experts and it comes from the city of Philadelphia. Everlit is a band with a unique sound and a totally new music content, such as their new song called as R.E.D. Anyway, there’s not any doubt about the musical quality of this band.

What’s The Type Of Music Of This Band?
Everlit’s Unique Sound on Indiesound

This band conceives a rock style, such as Green Day, Nirvana or Tokyo Hotel. The Everlit’s vocalist, Ryan, gives a unique and incredible touch to the band, also the combination of the guitar and the drums offers a rock style sound never heard before. For example, the review of AXS talked about the gorgeous sound of Everlit, but, AXS wasn’t the only one review about the unique style of Everlit. Agencies as National Rock Review or Loudwire were talking about it on their web pages. A half-hard rock with a soft guitar sound, and an incredible performance of the drums and the bass.

Quotes, Lyrics, and Notes About Everlit.

“The feeling of feeling alone turns into bravery; You never know who you could be until you dare to see”. This quote from an Everlit song called as R.E.D gives us an example of the world’s conception of this band. The lyric talk to us about the courage to face our future and our dreams. As an alternative band, Everlit doesn’t have an empty lyric sound, a fact which could result pretty attractive for those who love a well-prepared song. By the way, these guys started their musical band when they were at high school, 12 years ago. Today, they’re an attractive group with a potential future in the Music Industry. The name of this band comes from their original project called as Willpowerless, according to Ryan Panfil.

Latest News, Projects, Gigs And Futures Album Releases Of Everlit Band.

According to the Facebook’s page of Everlit, they’re planning a new show on 2017. But, it seems that the Everlit band doesn’t want to reveal the next plans for this year. They have done just a “show announcement” which doesn’t give any kind of information about the next concerts of the band. But, probably they would do a concert in Philadelphia and others cities of the U.S. Also, they have released their latest musical video of the song R.E.D. According to some notes, this year the band will have a busy schedule and a lot of performances around the country. So, if you’re an Everlit’s fan, you should be reading their updates on Facebook and Twitter.

An elegant video music production directed by Mitch Martinez. The band (Everlit) is in the middle of the ruins of an old building, with a protagonist looking for the exit of that old place. For that reason, the video is called “Break Away”. The music conception is completely great. The voice goes on the same way than the guitar and drums which become the song an enjoyable music to hear. If you check the comments on the Everlit official’s Youtube channel, you’ll read a lot of positives comments including people from Mexico, and Asia. Although it’s not highly popular as others band, Everlit has a huge number of followers on the U.S and others countries.

However, the Everlit band represents a future alternative in the Musical Industry with a hard rock style. Furthermore, the songs are highly addictive for those who loves real music. Songs as R.E.D or Break Away are a perfect example of it.


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