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Classical Indie Music

Despite the title of this piece I will not be referring to any grungy sounding voices accompanied by a repetitive bass backdrop, but rather considering classical and orchestral style indie music. The concept that this kind of music, generally seen as something to be enjoyed by the upper echelons of society, can in fact be considered “indie” is perhaps, to some, somewhat bizarre yet none the less I certainly believe it can be. Indie music is an expression of music in any genre without the constraints placed upon artists who subscribe to the larger scale music industry ideals. What more a freeing and expressive a form of music than that of instrumental, orchestral, classical inspired melodies? For any of those who aren’t quite convince by my mere words I have put together a list of what I view as the best composers of this form of music on indiesound.

Raphael Novarina

First up is Raphael Novarina. Novarina is a French composer known for his striking and moving solo piano compositions. His style, while holding many aspects seen in some of the great classical composers, perhaps resembles more closely the compositions of modern day pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii, a well-known blind Japanese pianist whose composition in tribute of the Japanese tsunami became a soundtrack for many to the disaster. Both Novarina and Tsujii compose in a truly evocative fashion with their pieces washing over you: refreshing.


Next is a little bit of a change in style with Karkanawi. This year has seen Karkanawi release his first album consisting of two orchestral compositions both bearing strong oriental and Arabian influences. This album has seen Karkanawi’s notoriety on the international classical scene grow enormously, his distinctive style making him particularly noteworthy. I must admit that out of the two compositions “Longa Awaad” is by far and away my favourite with its upbeat tempo and Arabian vibe transporting you to a land of sand dunes and chaotic street markets.

Angel Tarpov

Thirdly is Angel Tarpov, a distinctly modern composer. Tarpov’s composition “Save me from this hell” bares several hallmarks of modern composing displaying several overlaps with the style within which “the piano guys” compositions are created. This original and refreshing take on composing highlights the way within which the concept of “indie” can change and alter something as creatively constraining as what many people view classical music to be.

Everlasting Dream

Lastly is a fun take on how orchestral music makes its way sneakily into most people’s everyday life through soundtracks. The composer Everlasting Dream creates pieces either as soundtracks or in the manner of them. All of them share a similar fantasy style feel with the image of a questing knight always appearing in my mind’s eye as I listen to the pieces.

So hopefully this run down will show you that orchestral music isn’t just for upper class pensioners but transcends the classes and genres to create the pieces lain out before you, and if you have enjoyed some of these pieces why not check out some more of it in indiesound’s expansive “classical” tag.

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