How to Organise and Plan a Music Gig in 7 Easy Steps

Plan a Music Gig
Plan a Music Gig
Plan a Music Gig
Plan a Music Gig

How to Plan a Music Gig in 7 Easy Steps

Almost every music fan loves seeing his or her favourite band live. This gives them an opportunity to discover their musicians more thoroughly. This is why people love music gigs. The gig is the best medium of introducing a new act to a wider audience and is undoubtedly an awesome opportunity for a band to present new material. So, are you ready to get your music in front of people who are impatiently waiting for a beat to rock on? Whether you are going to plan a music gig for some press exposure, for impressing someone in the industry to get ahead or for charity sake, you should know how to plan a gig so as to make it a hit.

It’s a lot of work to put together and arrange a big gig especially when all the responsibility has fallen on your shoulders alone. Here, we have rounded up a basic ‘how to’ list of the crucial steps involved in the organization of this massive event. It will help you plan a gig in the most hassle-free and remarkably convenient way possible.

What is your purpose behind planning a gig?

It is of utmost significance to know exactly what you are hoping to attain from your event. Why are you organizing a gig and what are the expectations of others involved in this event? You will end up putting on a great show when you are well-aware of all the reasons and expectations that everyone has from the show. So, before you plan a music gig, figure out if it is to raise the band’s profile, to make cash, to build a reputation or for making contacts.

However, reasons for putting on the gig do not change the ultimate motive which is to put together an amazing event. You have to make sure your audience enjoys the event enthusiastically only then will they buy your CDs eagerly and will keep returning to your future events.

Now, for making it big in the music business, follow these steps to plan a gig for making some cash and having fun!

Step 1: Find the band for your event.

Choosing a remarkable band for performing live in your event is one of the most crucial tasks of all. The band you pick will depend entirely on the style of music you want in your gig. Your budget will also influence the band you can eventually choose. Music and fun are the decisive factors of a successful gig. So, talk to all the local bands in your area or search online for finding out the most popular band among the audiences currently. Make contacts with as many organizers and bands as possible and keep in touch with them for future references as well.

A wrong choice in terms of the band can ruin all your efforts and end up making your event terrible. Therefore, choose a well-known, highly popular and ‘efficient in promoting brand’ band.

Step 2: To Plan a Music Gig Find the right Venue.

There are various local theatres, cinemas, schools and function rooms in your neighborhoods that are always open for renting. Talk to the managers of such places and make sure there are absolutely no prohibitions on organizing a live event there. Whether you are looking forward to a seated or standing gig, theatres are by far the best choice to go with. Know your expected turnout and then look for a venue feature-packed with all the necessary amenities that can give an extraordinary experience to the audiences.

Step 3: Get the cost of renting and decide the date.

Depending on the venue you choose, they may either want a cut of the ticket sales or a fixed amount for the entire place. Negotiate for the cost of renting and finally make your budget. Sometimes you will have to shift your dates if you book a venue on the last minute. This is why it is important to book a venue at least a month before your event. Last minute booking may also cost more.

Step 4: Arrange for high-end security.

Theaters and venues will provide you with their door staff. However, you may have to pay extra for them. So, it is completely your decision to use their employed services or to hire your own security. Getting a professional security staff is extremely crucial for the safety purposes and proper execution of your event.

Step 5: Set an age limit.

If you are about to have a bar facility in your venue for the audiences to enjoy during the show, make sure you set an age limit. An event where alcohol is sold freely should be an over-age event.

Step 6: Promote your gig.

Go all-out to get people in your event. You should plan a music gig where you sell an awesome experience. All the people that come to your show should have a fun evening with their friends and family where they can dance, drink and socialize. It is your responsibility to make sure none of your guest walks out of the venue disappointed. Spend your budget wisely and make the event as attractive for the people as possible. Promote your music on online and inform your audience on the event in advance. They should be compelled to buy tickets no matter what. Whether they are excited about their favourite band or want to spend some quality time with friends, you should give them all the reasons to come and join the gig.

Step 7: Evaluate your budget.

This is the first and the last most important step of the entire gig planning. Knowing the amount you can spend when asked to plan a gig and to evaluate everything in accordance with the budget is very important. If you want to know how much profit have you made at the end of your event, it is necessary to go by the budget and fix costs for everything you do. From venue to lighting and security to marketing, fix costs for everything and don’t go over the limit.

To ensure the success of your gig, you need to bring as many people as people to your venue that night.

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