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Cloud Based Music Sharing Revolution for Independent Artists

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Cloud-Based Music Sharing Revolution for Independent Artists

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As a cloud-based music sharing content delivery platform, can help independent music artists succeed. It is designed solely for the independent music artist, offering a range of of do-it-yourself promotion, marketing, and distribution options for independent music artists.

Independent music is often a break away from the other major genres of music in the music industry; calling yourself an independent music artist is a marketing technique in and of itself. Being on shows your indie credentials loudly and proudly. Above all, artists are in control of their content, and have a way to get their art out to the entire world through an effortless process.

A Better Deal for Independent Music Artists is more important than ever for independent music artists, as YouTube made radical changes to its website back in 2014 to compete with streaming music websites.

YouTube forces independent music artists to sign onto a subscription music service system with terms that were considered unfair by many. Major labels received lucrative licensing deals, while independent music artists received inferior terms.

Just as YouTube decided to take such measures, Amazon took similar actions for their content delivery service that hurt independent music artists. Over the past sixteen years, independent music artists, along with the music industry as a whole, have lost more than seven billion dollars thanks to platforms like Apple and YouTube being greedy and working to cement their monopolies.

YouTube in particular had been a key promotional outlet for independent music labels of all sizes since its existence, and the decision would have been catastrophic for the burgeoning online indie music scene, had it not been for the emergence of independent cloud-based music platforms such as

Independent music artists had complained for a long time that they deserved more respect from digital music sharing services when negotiating licensing deals and has become a very good solution for independent music artists who want to continue to have their music heard.

Independent music artists can use to increase their social media influence, also improving sales and exponentially increasing exposure.

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Trends in Cloud-based Music Sharing Services

Technavio, a leading global market research company has developed some interesting projections in the trends of cloud-based music services through 2019. Among their projections:

  • Global cloud music services are expected to have a combined annual growth rate of 10.21% over a five-year period.
  • Cloud-based music services such as provide consumers with a convenient way to switch to licensed music providers, which helps to combat piracy and increases royalty payments to artists.
  • The explosion in the popularity of cloud-based music services is boosting the growth potential for music service providers in the global market.
  • Major vendors are investing more heavily in research and development of new artists and genres.
  • Developed economies such as those in the US, Japan, and Europe account for three-quarters of revenue for cloud-based music services. However, emerging economies represent expanding markets, accelerating growth.
  • Globalization is on track to significantly increase the revenue stream of cloud-based music services.
  • Competition among services is increasing, allowing smaller services to capture a larger market share and expose an increasing number of independent artists to new audiences.

Technavio further cites parameters that can help cloud-based music services thrive, such as:

  • Accessibility – Cloud-based music services should be easily accessible to consumers and artists.
  • Fee – The necessity to charge a fee can be offset by ad revenue, as most consumer have indicated a willingness to use free services that expose them to some advertising. Alternately, a nominal fee can be charged.
  • Interface – The interface of applications used to listen to music should be kept simple and user-friendly.
  • Music Collection – A wide variety and large collection of music should be made available to consumers.
  • Storage Capacity – Storage capacity in the cloud should be affordable for artists and hosts.
  • Facilitating Interaction with Your Fan Base and Other Artists is both an web app and website for independent music artists. It offers an instant message feature for independent music artists to share content, interact with their fans, interact with other independent music artists, and collaborate with other independent music artists in producing music.

The website can help promote material produced by independent music artists on social media platforms, a key element in viral music marketing.

A Streamlined Workflow

Cloud-based platforms offer automation and simplicity for independent music artists. These attributes simplify the independent music artist’s marketing of their brand and music while reducing costs.

Cloud solutions can automate an independent music artist’s reach across all digital touch points for consumers and ultimately save millions of dollars on advertising efforts and middlemen.

Cloud platforms have been said to generate better three to five million dollars in revenue per month, and most of this revenue goes straight to the artists. Monthly revenue is generated through small purchases from the fan base, either through the platform itself or on an external website.

With its many user-friendly features, is able to help facilitate the movement of a large number of units for niche and indie artists. As many as sixteen thousand albums from independent music artists have been shown to be sold from cloud-based music distribution platforms in a day – the equivalent of six million albums per year. This is just as when big names in the music industry struggle to go platinum through traditional marketing and distribution methods.

Such statistics show that fans of independent music artists are willing to buy independent music albums instead of paying to stream their music from companies like Apple.

Watch this space – is bringing independent music sharing to the center of online music streaming and consumption.

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