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  • Classical Indie Music

    Despite the title of this piece I will not be referring to any grungy sounding voices accompanied by a repetitive bass backdrop, but rather considering classical and orchestral style indie music. The concept that this kind of music, generally seen as something to be enjoyed by the upper echelons of society, can in fact be […] More

  • The Popravinas, Southern California – hitting their stride on their third album

    The Popravinas – Southern California After 10 years of slugging it out in the bars and halls of Southern California, The Popravinas are hitting their stride on their third album, Willy Nilly (2019, Zesty Smile Records). New tricks aren’t necessary for these older dogs who continue to produce twangy, power-pop perfection with nine new offerings […] More

  • Piano

    Starting out with the piano: Three simple steps to success

    Starting out with the piano: Three simple steps to success While music genres ebb and flow in popularity as each decade rolls by, there is a curious anomaly that seems to endure, no matter what era it is in. The piano ballad seems to be impervious to fashion trends, societal norms, or world affairs. Whether […] More

  • Slayer Announce Final Tour Dates

    After forming in 1981 and creating 12 albums, Slayer announced that they will be going on their final tour starting in May and ending in June, called THE FINAL WORLD TOUR. The tour will include the bands Lamb of God, Anthrax, Behemoth, and Testament. “After making some of the most brutal, breathtakingly aggressive, all-hell’s-a-breaking-loose music […] More

  • Ali Hugo’s New EP – Time Machine

    In the late 90’s Ali Hugo was attending summer school at Bathurst High, Eglington West; in Ontario Canada. By the end of that summer, Ali had written a bunch of songs that were laying around everywhere in his room at home. Ali understood that success required him to do more than just writing the songs […] More

  • Popular

    Danielle Morgan – Live at PizzaExpress London

    Danielle Morgan – Sharing a Personal Musical Journey London-bred singer/songwriter Danielle Morgan is excited to share a very personal musical journey on 12th March 2018, at Pizzaexpress Holborn. Past favourites and new tracks will be showcased at this intimate venue that promises to be an amazing night, a kind of home-coming, in one of London’s […] More

  • Featuring: The Entrancing Singer-Songwriter Julie Ludgate from Basingstoke

    Julie Ludgate is a singer-songwriter from Basingstoke whose extraordinary abilities saw her on the TV show Tin Pan Alley and finishing in the top 10. From there on in she has been going from strength to strength in developing her style and presence in the indie music scene. Her music is soft and idyllic with […] More

  • Featuring: Emmy Law – Atlanta Singer Songwriter

    Emmy Law is an Atlanta based singer songwriter with a very unique voice and strong trajectory, with her re-release of debut album, ‘Fairyland’ just around the corner and her up and coming tour going in the autumn it’s looking to be a good year for Emmy. Her voice is sound is clearly pop but certain […] More

  • Popular

    The Ones To Watch: Scottish Indie Music

    Having had the opportunity to tour Scotland’s Indie scene for the past couple of years I have managed to highlight a few groups and singers that I think are truly unique and appealing: the ones to watch. SkjØr First up on this list is a band which has had a lot of buzz around it […] More

  • P!nk Releases Music Video for “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”

    P!nk is known for lots of color, stunning dance numbers that include herself doing acrobatics, and overall a bad*ss girl power attitude. But with her newest video for “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” off of her album Beautiful Trauma, she took things to the next level. Directed by Sasha Samsonova, P!nk calmed things down with […] More

  • Featuring: Joe Hurworth

    Joe Hurworth is a British musician based in Newquay whose modern, comforting and soulful tones paint a picture in my mind of a candlelit dinner and a bottle of wine. His most recent song “Creativity” further emphasises this warm image with its strong Latin vibes and smooth vocals. “Creativity” featured Chris Hogg on the guitar, […] More

  • Ferras Releases “Coming Back Around”

    If you don’t know who Ferras is yet. You’re missing out! And if you don’t know his name, you probably know his work. Ferras is a Los Angeles based singer, songwriter, and pianist who was one of the masterminds behind major hits such as Katy Perry’s “”Bon Appétit”, Adam Lambert’s “Two Fux,” and Allie Simpson’s […] More