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Build your Music Festival Audience with

Building on the momentous changes the online revolution has brought to all fields, the music industry has undergone tremendous changes in terms of creation, marketing strategies, and distribution. Although the quality of the music still remains paramount, marketing for a music festival using modern techniques such as uploading tracks to music network sites has become vital.

Having a stable location online to post your music is perfect for a band playing at a festival. Festival-goers can read up on the band beforehand, and listen to all of their uploaded tracks. This can build your audience when it comes to playing the gig, with your performance packed to the gills with people who all respect your music and even know it off by heart!

Secondly, those who are new to your sound who hear you for the first time at a festival will want to check out more of your tracks after the festival. Just direct them to the online music sharing site of your choice, and you’re well on your way to building a national or international following.

The best way to promote you music now is to upload songs online, and this goes double for artists playing at a music festival. is an excellent website for this purpose, as it allows artists to upload songs online for free and share their works for all to hear.

Social Network Music Sharing Builds Your Fan Base

Increasing the exposure of an artist is of prime importance when it comes to building a fan base. has a wide and diverse audience of listeners that appreciates music. As a singer or musician who plays at festivals, this music network site can boost your exposure tremendously if your best creations are uploaded and shared. Music lovers visiting has the option of liking and sharing music, helping a new track to reach many people within a short period of time.

Social network sharing on the website allows users to share a particular track to their favourite social networking website for all of their friends to listen to. By uploading to, artists get wide coverage all over the internet and are not bound by geographic location. The exposure which an artist gets from uploading their music for free is invaluable.

Get Trending works primarily on the principle of popularity. That is to say, if a particular piece of work is liked and shared by many people within a short period of time, it will be considered trending music and will be given even more exposure. Featured music is also listed on the home page of the website. Featured works get a massive boost in exposure.

Irrespective of the type of musical listing on the website, whether featured or regular listing, it is the best music that invariably finds its place at the top of the list. So, if an artist makes good quality music, he can be sure to become popular simply by uploading it to this website, without having to worry so much about promotion and marketing. It’s great to be able to just concentrate on your music without having to get too bogged down in the business of it all.

Catch the Eye of Industry Leaders

In addition to an excellent opportunity to improve exposure, also helps artists playing at festivals to find opportunities for collaboration with companies. As a leading music network website, connects artists and audience like a social media website. Listeners can learn more about the artists and send them messages conveniently through this website.

This acts as a golden opportunity for artists as it opens doors to the industry. Music production companies often use the website to search for outstanding talent. Music festival organizers are always on the lookout for the best new bands to play their venue. Hence, uploading music to the website is a good way for artists to be discovered by others artists, music festival organizers, and companies in the industry. For a growing artist who wants to spread his wings, this can be highly important. Celebrity fame as well as monetary gains are the results of this co-operation and can be an important step for any artist.

Word of Mouth Marketing for New Artists

One of the most important advantages of is the simplified marketing strategies available through the use of the website. Exposure is purely chosen by the audience – they are the real promoters of the music and the artists. They offer the most sincere, authoritative, and effective marketing chain, promoting the artwork purely out of passion.

Compared to this form of marketing, traditional marketing methods used to promote music are ineffective and expensive. makes use of simple marketing strategies in the most effective way in order to help artists grow their fan base at little to no cost. Uploading songs online for free in this way is a cost effective method to promote your music to a wide audience. This is particularly helpful for an artist new to playing at festivals as they may not always have enough funds to market their works through other advertising means.

Killer Collaborations with Other Festival-Performing Artists

Furthermore, is a wonderful platform for festival players to meet other artists from all around the world. Getting to know other artists has many benefits. Firstly, artists can learn a lot and adopt many useful things from fellow artists, improving their artistic abilities. As each musician or music performer is blessed differently, they can exchange qualities and improve themselves while helping others. Ultimately, meeting up at festivals behind the scenes can lead to lifelong friendships and musical collaborations.

A Closer Connection with Listeners

Indiesound helps artists to be in close contact with their admirers and to have communication with them more easily. For the success of any artist, a strong fan base is a requirement, and to foster their relationship with the fans, offers one of the best platforms online.

In a nutshell, offers artists who play at festivals tremendous opportunities for growth, absolutely free of cost.

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