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Southern Rapper Mall – Representing Vintage Hip Hop in Louisiana

Southern Rapper Just Mall – Representing Vintage Hip Hop in Louisiana

Fans have bemoaned the steady dilution of classic hip hop and rap music for years now, as the genre becomes more mainstream. It is undeniable that rappers and hip hop artists have increasingly injected influences from pop, rock, R&B, and even country into their music. For purists though, there are still acts that adhere to what is considered true Hip Hop in Louisiana – music that is intense and is an honest representation of who the artist is. There is an artist based in Louisiana that makes real Hip Hop in Louisiana that fans will recognize – the artist “Mall” is gaining more and more attention in the southern rap community for his genuine lyrics set on top of beats are at the same time mellow yet gritty.

New album “Against All Odds” to be released soon

Mall was born in Los Angeles, but his family moved to Garyville Louisiana at the age of 8. He grew up listening to R&B and hip hop so it is safe to admit that the shift to becoming a rapper came organically. Mall found he had a natural gift for music, particularly for writing music and lyrics. At the encouragement of friends and family, he decided to pursue rapping full time. He cites several rappers and hip hop artists as influences, including 8Ball & MJG, Drake, Lil’ Wayne, Bun B, and Tyga. He now lives in Metairie, Louisiana, and performs at clubs, music festivals, and events across the state.

Mall’s sound

Described as a more mellow Ludacris, Mall’s music is described as having a more relaxed, albeit dark tone. The vocals on top are one of his great strengths, giving the energy and emotion needed to match the honesty apparent in his lyrics. Fans note the sincerity in his writing – songs stick in the head because of their genuine and raw nature. Mall’s music represents himself, and the mantra to be yourself instead of worrying what others expect you to be. It is music that is easy to listen to, and easy to relax to. Fans especially love the seamless fusion of originality in his sounds.


You can listen to his some of Mall’s music uploads on

Latest tracks

His latest releases, “Mary” and “Bring It Back”, showcase that classic hip hop sound. Mall’s vocals match the intensity flawlessly – if you’re looking for Hip Hop in Louisiana, this is it. It has that definitive southern rap vibe, the laid back beats with the pronounced southern-style vocals, but there’s a grittiness that speaks to Mall’s style. This is noted by music critics for his other tracks as well. For his track “Nothin Else”, a review by Rebecca Cullen for Exposed Vocals states that “’Nothin Else’ has a real angst and attitude to it which represents classic & vintage hip-hop with such a great strength. The beat as well as the backdrop on the whole have a musicality that’s able to set a mellow yet somewhat dark vibe…” She finished by saying, “It’s a strong piece of music, and the character in the leading voice comes through brilliantly within the mix.”

News and upcoming shows

At the moment, Mall does not tour, but instead performs across Louisiana from his home base in Metairie. His last show was in early January, at Neighborhood Lounge, headlining the show with another artist, Ard The Chosen. In front of a sold-out crowd, he performed his newest track “Bring It Back”. Stay tuned to his Facebook page and Twitter to find out where and when his next show will be.

Mall is also currently working hard on his next album, titled “Against All Odds”. Mall would like fans to know that although his signature style and flow will be heard loud and clear on the album, it will contain a few surprises as well. He’s also in the process of releasing an EP called “My Lost Tapes”, which was supposed to release on November 8, 2016, but has been pushed back to early January, 2017.

Reaching out to fans

Mall can be reached directly at: He enjoys interacting with fans in person at his shows, or through his social media accounts. Check out his pages here:


Here, he will post upcoming show dates, album and single releases, as well as updates about his life, inspirations, and current projects. Mall wants all his fans and supporters to know that he appreciates them: “I want to shout-out all the fans and everyone that supports my movement and everyone in Garyville Louisiana the whole SJP”.

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