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  • How To Write a Band Bio

    How To Write a Band Bio – A Simple Overview

    How To Write a Band Bio Bands are always faced with the task of how to write a band bio when they create a website. It is a great way of explaining and selling yourself. Starting to write a bio can be very overwhelming. Talented solicits and groups always fall short when it comes to writing […] More

  • Music Sharing Site


    Cloud Based Music Sharing Revolution for Independent Artists

    Cloud-Based Music Sharing Revolution for Independent Artists Get Independent As a cloud-based music sharing content delivery platform, can help independent music artists succeed. It is designed solely for the independent music artist, offering a range of of do-it-yourself promotion, marketing, and distribution options for independent music artists. Independent music is often a break away from […] More

  • Online Music Distribution

    Online Indie Music Distribution Revolution – Why Distribute Your Music Online?

    The Online Music Distribution Revolution Where We’re Coming From Before there was any form of recorded media or online music distribution, music was played live – otherwise, nobody heard it! While one could publish sheet music so that musicians could play the piece to make a song popular, there were no records, no tapes, no […] More

  • Southern Rapper Mall – Representing Vintage Hip Hop in Louisiana

    Southern Rapper Just Mall – Representing Vintage Hip Hop in Louisiana Fans have bemoaned the steady dilution of classic hip hop and rap music for years now, as the genre becomes more mainstream. It is undeniable that rappers and hip hop artists have increasingly injected influences from pop, rock, R&B, and even country into their […] More

  • Slightly Left of Center

    Slightly Left of Centre – Remarkable Electronic Infused Sound

    Slightly Left of Centre – Remarkable Electronic Infused Sound When Mick Pace and Adam Spicer forged their long-time friendship with music six years ago, a very popular and celebrated Melbourne-based pop duo Slightly Left of Centre was formed. This Australian talent came to the world stage and swept everybody off their feet with their strongest, […] More

  • The Bleachers – Indie Music’s Biggest Secret

    This Band Is Indie Music’s Biggest Secret Indie Music at its Best! If you haven’t heard of the band, Bleachers, yet, you might as well check them out on Youtube or Spotify. With their first indie music single, “I Wanna Get Better,” they have catapulted up and around the United States – but still not […] More