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Featuring: Emmy Law – Atlanta Singer Songwriter

Emmy Law is an Atlanta based singer songwriter with a very unique voice and strong trajectory, with her re-release of debut album, ‘Fairyland’ just around the corner and her up and coming tour going in the autumn it’s looking to be a good year for Emmy. Her voice is sound is clearly pop but certain songs such as “chameleon” contain certain soul, almost choral moment, while other songs contain a more folk feel. She personally describes her style as “indie pop/folk”.

Having first came across her music on IndieSound I took a look at her website and YouTube channel and was amazed. Her almost hypnotic tones bewitched me and I had to get to know the driving force behind the amazing tracks. Fortunately I was granted an interview and here is what Emmy had to say.

The Interview

When did you start out in music?

“I started with piano lessons at age 8. Writing songs happened a little later for me, towards the end of college. Classical music is great and definitely has its place, but my mind-set is completely different when I’m playing classical music vs. writing songs.”

As people may have seen from your videos you also play guitar and piano, do you play other instruments?

“I play guitar, piano, and ukulele. The singing came first, as a kid!”

Was there a defining point that made you decide you wanted to be a musician or was it more of a process?

“Becoming a musician has definitely been a process. Growing up I was always singing, and started piano lessons at age eight. Music was something that came naturally…I majored in music in college, after years of playing classical piano. At the end of college I started getting away from classical music, and this is when I started writing songs.”

What has been the highest point in your career to date?

“I won the John Jarrard Foundation songwriting contest in 2014, and that was pretty cool.”

How do you go about writing a song?

“Sometimes I start with lyrics, but most of the time I start with the melody. I choose a key, play a chord progression, and start singing notes all around it until something sticks. I usually sing ridiculous, nonsensical words to the tune at first…lyrics usually come last.”

What do you think makes your music unique and appealing? 

“My music is centred around my vocals and the lyrics….the other instruments are working to support those. This is the direction my band is moving in, and I think our sound will be unique.”

Do you have anything exciting in the works at the moment?

“I’m about to re-release my debut album, ‘Fairyland’ and will be going on tour in the fall. Can’t wait!”

How does the feeling of live performances compare to that of producing a song in the studio?

“Oh man, so different! When I play live, I’m sharing the music with others and it’s a beautiful thing. It’s all about the moment, and sometimes those moments make me nervous. When producing songs in the studio, I hope to capture a piece of the feeling of playing live.”

What is the driving force behind your work?

“For me, the driving force is a desire to fulfil my calling while I’m on this planet. Writing songs and sharing them gives me so much peace…I can’t believe that’s an accident.”

Emmy Law on Indiesound

Emmy Law Website

Emmy law YouTube

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