Descember Bueno Releases ’Libertad y Amen’


MIAMI, FL, June 8, 2021 – ‘Libertad y Amén’ is the the new single composed by Descemer Bueno, Baby Lores, Insurrecto, Amaury Gutiérrez, El Uniko, Eddy K and Trueno Aguilera. After the global impact of Patria y Vida, this new song continues with a similar focus and a more spiritual emphasis. “Libertad y Amen” expresses the deep feelings of its exponents, with strongly emotional lyrics that will undoubtedly shake Cubans around the world.

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Driven by a need to defend the cause of Cuba, Descemer and his fellow artists (outside and inside the island) decided to break the silence with ‘Patria y Vida’, a subject that has been raised around the world. Despite the fact that the renowned singer-songwriter has experienced mega global successes (‘Bailando’, ‘Súbeme la Radio’) the personal satisfaction of having been able to contribute to this last song with Gente de Zona, Yotuel, Maykel Osorbo and El Funky was especially rewarding.

“This topic has a powerful message and a purpose, a goal. With this song, a message is being carried and we have seen the people react. For me, this is invaluable and I will continue to the extent that my work can add to those of others who are also doing it and even risking their lives on the island. Freedom and Amen is born from this need to continue carrying the message against a system that has more than proven that it does not work, that encourages hunger and even worse the lack of the most important thing that a human being can have: freedom,” said the famous singer-songwriter. He added: “It is an honor for me that I have been called to participate in this song. I am grateful to Insurrecto and Baby Lores for having joined this initiative, and to great artists like Amaury Gutiérrez who has always been in the fight for the freedom of Cuba. Likewise, Trueno Aguilera (the only woman who participates in this issue), Uniko and Eddy K, Cuban talents who, beyond a doubt, beyond leaving their mark with this issue, contribute with their message towards the advancement of the change that we want to see in our country.”


Parallel to his participation in songs like this, Descemer Bueno continues to create songs that will soon be heard in the voices of established artists, many of whom have already worked with him. “There are many surprises, but I prefer not to tell them so that they remain a surprise.”

The video of ‘Libertad y Amen’ was filmed in mainly 2 locations; in home studios of each artist who participated and later in La Ermita de la Caridad, in Coconut Grove, Florida. The video was Isber Reyes and Sissi Gomez (in charge of photography) and had the special participation of Onelia Alonso, founder of the Ladies in White, an expatriate in 2017.

The video has already garnered over 1.7 million views and is currently available on Descemer Bueno’s YouTube channel (watch it HERE!)

The song has been released to radio stations today and picked up by 1600 stations world wide. Available to stream on all platforms!

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