Sleep Nation Releases Out-Of-This-World Music Video “Headlights”

Nation have become the latest act to incorporate an interstellar theme into their work. The Nashville-based rockers are by no means just chasing the trends though: the outer space setting brings new meaning to “Headlights,” a powerful ballad about love and loss inspired by the 1961 Wayne Cochran classic, “Last Kiss.” The astral backdrop complements the tragic story of two star-crossed lovers perfectly. It’s only fitting for such a stellar single to be set to an absolutely astronomical video!

Hailing from Music City, this alternative rock outfit has opened for national touring acts such as Adema and Sponge. Because they always give their all for their live shows, they’ve come to be known as the “Out of Control Rock ‘N’ Roll Duo.” Though Merritt and Lauretta are the sole members of the group, Sleep Nation’s sound and presence rivals that of a full orchestra.

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