Featuring: Joe Hurworth

Joe Hurworth is a British musician based in Newquay whose modern, comforting and soulful tones paint a picture in my mind of a candlelit dinner and a bottle of wine. His most recent song “Creativity” further emphasises this warm image with its strong Latin vibes and smooth vocals.

“Creativity” featured Chris Hogg on the guitar, Gareth Young on the keyboard and bass guitar, and Darren Hurworth on the drums. This song, like his other singles, was full of amazing performances by highly skilled musicians, artists in their own right, which only promoted Hurworth’s vocals further. This collaboration, community attitude is perhaps no clearer seen than in his original song “Part of your plan” which featured fellow Newquay artist Daisy Clark.

Even in collaboration projects with fellow vocal artists Hurworth still retains a lounge style soulful vibe that is ever present throughout his music. His vocals could be likened to those of Ed Sheeran, perhaps explaining his fantastic cover of “Thinking Out loud”, again featuring Daisy Clark. Overall from what I have heard of his music, Joe Hurworth is a real rising talent in the English music scene and I was keen to find out a bit more about the man behind the music.

A Q&A with Joe Hurworth

Why did you decide to become a musical artist?

“I think I always wanted to be a performer I loved singing and live music because I’m lucky my dad is a drummer so I used to go and watch him playing in bands regularly, and he would always be playing soul music like Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Average White Band etc. “

Why do you particularly connect with soul as a genre?

“I have always particularly connected with soul music because it is honest music with great heart and feel! I do also love Jazz and funk because of the uncertainty of jazz changes: with colourful chords that catch your ear and funky rhythms that lock you into the groove, which really resonates with me so I like to interpret that into my own sound.”

What is the most challenging aspect of being an artist?

“Personally, it was finding my own unique style and sticking with that, it is easy to be led down different paths but it can be useful in ways because then you find out what you don’t want to do which can give you more clarity as to what kind of artist want to be and what message you are trying to send out to the world.”

What are the highlights of being an artist?

“The highlights for me are of course performing to the appreciative audiences from the amazing gigs, festivals and events that I have been lucky enough to play at. Watching people really connect with, and feel good because of, my music, that is a special moment for me. I am also very grateful for having the support from my home town fans and followers, I recently put out my first music video which has got 45k views I couldn’t believe the response that I got. It made me realise this is why I want to make music for the rest of my life!”

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