Ferras Releases “Coming Back Around”

If you don’t know who Ferras is yet. You’re missing out! And if you don’t know his name, you probably know his work. Ferras is a Los Angeles based singer, songwriter, and pianist who was one of the masterminds behind major hits such as Katy Perry’s “”Bon Appétit”, Adam Lambert’s “Two Fux,” and Allie Simpson’s Material Boy”, just to name a few.

He’s even one of two artists signed to UnSub Records, founded by Katy Perry. So clearly, he’s something special in her eyes. And we don’t blame her. We think he’s special too!

After going on tour with Katy Perry on the Prismatic World Tour and releasing singles like “”Closer” and “Medicine” (2016), Ferras is finally back with his latest single “Coming Back Around”.

As soon as the song starts, we’re instantly reminded of Beyoncé’s opening of “Halo”, which is the perfect attention grabber. And then there are the lyrics. In an interview with Paper Mag, Ferras explained how “Coming Back Around” is his story. With lyrics like, “I’ve been up and I’ve been down / High on luck but / Then luck ran out,” and “I know life is a battle ground / Every bruise I wear like a crown,” Ferras wants people to know that whatever happens, good or bad, he will NEVER give up. And that’s shown throughout the music video for ” Coming Back Around”.

In the video, the camera follows Ferras as he visits an old house. In the house there’s a little boy playing the piano while a woman (who seems to be the boy’s mother) sits on the couch smoking cigarettes. Ferras then enters a hallway, passes a picture frame on the floor, and picks it up.

The words inside the frame say, “HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS.” By this time, viewers are getting the idea that the little boy is possibly Ferras, and that he’s most likely remembering his past.

The little boy is then shown in his room, covering his ears as his mom is yelling on the phone in another room. But then things change, the mother is smiling and spending time with the boy. This sweet moment eventually ends and the boy is back to his old routine of covering his ears, just to block out what’s happening in the other room.

Ferras then runs out of the house after he can’t handle what he’s seeing anymore. But then he’s comforted by a man holding him in his arms. And in that moment, viewers can tell that everything is fine and that he’s loved. That young boy made it through all the difficult moments that he was forced to face throughout in his life.

And that’s what we love the most about this track. It’s an empowering anthem with a happy ending for people who feel like they won’t get anywhere, are living a tough life, or are simply just having a bad day. The way this music video was crafted beautifully tells the story that Ferras wanted to tell.

After getting a taste of “Coming Back Around”, we can’t wait to see what Ferras will release next. Till then, you can purchase or listen to the single right HERE.

Check out his music video for “Coming Back Around” below:

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