Eli Lieb Releases Music Video for “Next To You”

Eli Lieb is a pop singer and songwriter from Fairfield, Iowa. But his music career all started in New York City, where he first began to create music. And it’s a good thing he did, because that led to the creation of his first solo album in 2011, which was featured in US Weekly, Out, and other national publications.

When Eli traveled to Los Angeles, he met and collaborated with a ton of artists, writers, and producers. Some of these collaborations were with Adam Lambert, Cheyenne Jackson, Hey Violet, Laura Marano, Forever In Your Mind, John Feldmann, Simon Wilcox, Crystal Bowersox, and Stacy Jones.

After tons of success since his move to LA,  Eli has recently released his new music video for “Next To You”, which features another talented singer and songwriter, Michael Dugan.

In case you are wondering who the dashing co-star in my new music video is, it’s @dugi_style. He is an extremely talented singer/songwriter of his own and you should definitely follow him. Maybe you’ll see the two of us doing a song together in the future..

A post shared by Eli Lieb (@elilieb) on Dec 11, 2017 at 5:25am PST

With beautiful visuals and a powerful message, we highly suggest that you listen to this pop track. Throughout the video, Eli is conveying the fact that he’s deeply in love with another individual, and would do anything for them. With lyrics like, “I’m reaching out but my hands are tied / You don’t even say goodbye when I’m lying right next to you / I would take a million lies if I’m lying right next to you,” and “I’ll hold you down like you’re drowning / Knowing that I’ll be the one who dies,” anyone who has ever loved someone can relate. Because sometimes it isn’t always easy to let go, even if you should.

With over 30 Million YouTube views and verified status on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, there’s no doubt that you’ll be seeing more of Eli Lieb.

Check out his video for “Next To You” below:

Eli Lieb




Official Website:

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