Blue Helix Release Music Video for “Anti-Social Butterfly”

From Puyallup, Washington and Sao Paulo, Brazil, Blue Helix is a modern rock band consisting of Sami Chohfi, Arman Birang, Marco Bicca, and Wolf.

Sami, the singer and songwriter of the group, dealt with bullying as a kid. So he used the power of music to help others going through the same or similar issues that he did. Blue Helix created the video for their latest single, “Anti-Social Butterfly”, in order to send a positive message for people who have been bullied, as well as a visual image to show the person who’s doing the bullying, how the other person might feel.

Brasil, vamos pedir hoje para #antisocialbutterfly na #radiorock 89.1 #vivaorock #bluehelixbrasiltour2018

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Listening to “Anti-Social Butterfly”, it’s all about gaining control back. As Sami sings, “I just wanna feel something / I just wanna be someone else / I just wanna feel something now / You don’t like the man I am / Like I ruined all your plans / I’m an Anti-social Butterfly / And I am here to take what’s mine,” you can’t help but feel empowered and motivated to stand up for yourself.

The visuals of the video include a young boy getting attacked in and out of school by bullies, showing the psychological and emotional that can occur. What we love about this video is not only the positive message, but the fact that there’s a happy ending too. By the end of the video, the young boy stands up for himself against the bullies, “taking back what’s his.”


If you love bands such as Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and/or Oasis, then you may love Blue Helix.

You can find “Anti-Social Butterfly ” as one of the six tracks on the band’s new EP, Anti-Social Butterfly. You can purchase the EP HERE.


1. ”Anti-Social Butterfly”
2. “Enemy”
3. “Despair”
4. “This Tragedy”
5. “Runaways”
6. “Anodyne”

Check out Blue Helix’s video for “Anti-Social Butterfly” below:






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