DISCOVER: “One Day” by Greg Harrison Band – Bridgeport USA

The Greg Harrison Band is an independent rock/country band from West Virginia consisting of Greg Harrison (vocals/guitar), John Bonnett (lead guitar/vocals), Sam Nesbitt (bass/vocals), and Zack Lilley (drums/vocals).

What’s unique about this band is the fact that their musical journey began after Greg had a near death experience. Like many people do, Greg began creating music and used it as medicine for his soul after months of mental and physical struggles. Once he realized it was helping, he made it his life, playing shows as much as possible.

If it wasn’t for Greg playing solo first, the Greg Harrison Band would have never been officially formed. It was after playing shows alone, that he finally decided to make it a group. And we’re glad he did.

One of our favorite songs off of the band’s album, As Long As We’re Dancin’, is “One Day.” The song immediately caught our attention once the strings on the guitar were strung and backed up by Greg’s vocals. Aside for the song’s catchy tune, we love the song because it seems to be about trying to forgive someone one day, despite after all the negative ways they treated you. We get this vibe as Greg sings, “One day / I’ll reach up and I’ll feel your hand.” And that’s super relatable. I mean, haven’t you ever felt the need to forgive someone even though its extremely hard to? It just seems like the right thing to do. But it’s not always the easiest choice.

This is the type of song that we’d listen to after having a bad day with someone. Especially when he sings, “I’m not able to find peace / I may never love awhile / You would do this sh*t to me,” and ““Don’t you know how to treat me right? / Don’t you know I can’t put up a fight.” It’s empowering lyrics like that, that put you in the mindset of, “I won’t let people OR one person ruin my day.”

But the moral of the story is, despite what may have happened, the lyrics to this song show that he made the healthy choice to get out of the relationship that was draining him emotionally.

You can purchase “One Day” off of the band’s album, As Long As We’re Dancin’ , HERE.

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