Alisan Porter Releases Empowering Music Video for “Change”

Season 10 winner of The Voice, Alisan Porter, is starting over. Not long ago, she announced that she’s recording a new EP independently. She tweeted saying, “Not everything worked out perfectly with my ‘record deal’. So I went back to the drawing board.”

“What I represented to you all on The Voice was exactly who I am.  So I am going to give you an album that encompasses that. I almost allowed the “powers that be” to change that. But being inauthentic just isn’t me. I’ve worked too hard to know who I am. So thank you for your patience and your love and understanding. This new journey is nothing without you all.”

Fast forward to now, Alisan is doing better than ever. And it’s all being done HER WAY. She recently released her music for “Change”, with the track written by Jason Reeves, Jordan Lawhead, Jon Levine, and herself.

Alisan’s message when she sings, “When we gonna break these walls in between us? / Let a little light in so we can see love / Are we blinded by the same illusion? / Can we open up each other’s eyes? / When we gonna break these walls in between us?,” shows how some people are most definitely ready for change, but they need to let it happen rather than stick to old routines. Being kind to a stranger can change their day, or even world, because you never know what they’re going through. You can change someone’s life just by stepping out of the box.

And that’s why we love “Change”. It encourages KINDESS and LOVE.

Check out the music video for “Change” below:

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Alisan Porter

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