Andrew Reed Releases “If All the World Were Right”

Andrew Reed is an introspective rock artist and producer from Asheville, North Carolina whose ideas are reflected in music, film, and in spoken/written platforms. He describes his music to be “for seekers.”

Not new to music, Andrew has released five previous albums before his newestThose albums were Search for Significance (2007), Delusions of Grandeur (2009), Shadowlands (2010), I Am… (2012), and Smokin’ Voyages – Space Apaches (2015).

With his latest single “If All the World Were Right” off of his new album, If All the World Were Right, you feel a burst of positivity along with 60’s and 70’s nostalgia. He purposely released this album on the first day of the new year in honor of a fresh start, so people can leave any negative feelings behind. As someone who suffered a physical breakdown after years of travel and over occupation, he simply wants others to feel whole again, because he knows what it feels like to be ill and he knows how devastating loss can be.

And that’s what’s so special about listening to “If All the World Were Right”. You can tell how passionate he is about his music and that he isn’t trying to really sell people anything. He just wants people to believe in themselves and embrace their own greatness by listening to the journey that he experienced in life. Defeated by life, humanity is what kept him going.

“Most of us go through really tough patches during our lives. So much of it has to do with our thinking and the emotions that result. We are constantly thinking about how to interpret or reconcile our lives… BUT we have a choice in how we experience the world! And all it takes to improve this is to change your thinking or perception of things,” says Andrew.

Once he was able to take his own advice and change the perception of things, his life changed. He feels that people become what they think about. Andrew shared saying,” I started to think positively, about all the options there are…and how I could see others in a more loving way…without judgment or without the need to call them “right or wrong”…but just accept everyone as they are…and trust in life.

In the beginning of “If All the World Were Right”, he was blaming the world on his sadness as he sings, “If all the world were right / There’d be no isolation or confusion / There’d be no darkness in my eyes,” and “If all the world were right / There’d be no monsters in my sights tonight.” But by the end of the song, he realizes he had the power all along to create the happiness he was searching for.

People might not understand what Andrew is all about, but we do. We love that he’s trying to help others through his music, rather than trying to make it on the charts with a song that has no meaning to it at all.

You can listen to Andrew’s album, If All the World Were Right, HERE.

Check out the video for “If All the World Were Right” below:

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