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Natalia Damini – Taking the USA by storm

Natalia Damini
Natalia Damini

Natalia Damini Los Angeles – Taking the USA by storm

It is well known that international singer songwriter Natalia Damini, took off to a strong start in her musical career at the young age of 17 with the release of ‘Feelin’ The Love’. The song was produced alongside a friend, who sent it to the club DJs around Brazil, becoming extremely popular with the club goers and catching the attention of DJs. This led to Damini touring Brazil to perform as the song became highly popular in Brazil, with over 70,000 hits on Youtube today. Now 24, 6 years on, the singer has a large array of musical achievements including awards and numerous tours behind her with publications around the world calling her ‘the New Shakira’. During her time in Brazil, Damini toured Brazil’s largest cities – São Paulo, Rio De Janeiro and Salvador, to name a few.

Natalia Damini Nominated for Best National Single in South America’s DJ Sound Awards

Expanding on her strong fan base in Brazil, Damini has also taken the USA by storm. In 2005, she was awarded best female R&B pop artist at the October 2005 underground music awards in New York with her song ‘Your Lies’ going to number one on the charts over Lady Gaga. The music awards former winners contain a host of now household names, such as: Nicki Minaj, J Cole, MGK, Lil Mama. Continuing on from this success, Damini was nominated for Best National Single in South America’s DJ Sound Awards and Won Best Pop Artist at the award show in 2005. She was also the first Brazilian artist added on MTV having a big impact on music in the USA. Damini’s music video ‘Magic’ has also been the most shared video on and the #1 most popular video on VH1 overtaking Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith.

Although Natalia Damini’s own person style ranges from dance to pop and R&B, her musical taste is not limited to such genres: it is expansive and extends to legends such as Michael Jackson. She is quoted in an interview, on her official YouTube channel, as being inspired by Michael Jackson “since she was 10 [years old]”. The influence of MJ has clearly inspired her outfit choices both on and off stage; rocking strong, unique and quirky outfits that pay homage to MJ, like the bold military red jacket Damini wore while performing at Jubillee Festival in 2017.

Natalia Damini – Give Me The Night

In Damini’s song ‘Give Me The Night’ you can both hear and see another of her inspirations shining through with her breathy vocals and use of videography. Similar to Mariah Carey’s ‘We Belong Together’, the music video for Damini’s ‘Give Me The Night’ opens with Damini lying in bed looking as equally radiant as Mariah; the camera shots in both music videos reflect the lyrics well. Damini should continue to build on this, as a strong link between her songs and the music videos will allow her to boost her image and create a successful presence on a variety of media platforms.

Natalia Damini Extends Fanbase Across the World

Over the past few years, Damini has continued to extend her fanbase across the world touring and performing in countries like Germany, France and Canada. Damini’s energy onstage creates a unique night and really connects with the audience with her passion for dancing. As well as Damini’s talent for dance, her vocal range is also highly versatile and this has allowed her to work with numerous famous musicians; such as, the Shop Boyz, Nicki Minaj in her song ‘Hot Fire’ and Gucci Mane. Each of these artists appeared on her album ‘Beautiful’, released in 2014.

New Album Release – I am Natalia Damini

Natalie Damini has just released her new album, self-titled ‘I am Natalia Damini’. The album contains a variety of tracks that continue to illustrate her growing talent. Notable mentions you will want to play on repeat are ‘On The Floor’ and ‘Crazy’ feat. 2 Chainz. Yet again, Damini demonstrates her expanding popularity, teaming up with Lil Wayne on the track ‘Can’t Stop Me’, which also features Rezzo.

Both existing fans and new fans have a lot to look forward to with Natalia Damini: with her energy on stage, powerful voice and strong lyrics, which she has built her success on so far. All of these elements combined should allow Damini to further advance in America and make her way into the UK scene – just like her inspirations, Prince, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears and of course MJ successfully achieved.


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