Angel Sessions – Among the Most Respected and Influential Gospel Music Artists in California

Angel Sessions California
Angel Sessions California

Angel Sessions at A Glance

Angel Sessions: an award winning, singing, performing gospel artist with over ten studio albums spanning throughout her illustrious career. Tipped to become a musical legend, Angel started her singing journey at an early age – building her reputation as a brilliant vocalist and songwriter. Throughout her career, Angel has received numerous nominations for her contribution to the gospel scene and her ability to profoundly communicate with the masses.


Angel Sessions: Overview and Musical History

Similar to other great artists, Angel`s musical journey has not been smooth. She started out in the industry over 18 years ago as an RnB artist.  She then opted to make a switch to the gospel scene. As is common with popular gospel artists of our time, Sessions started her gospel career at her local church. She eventually attracted attention due to her unique ability to compose deep Christian songs. It was not long after she joined her church choir that she got her breakthrough. An opportunity to record and perform her songs in a professional recording studio. Since her introduction to the scene, Angel has continued to defy all possible odds by releasing award-winning songs and albums that have seen her create a name for herself among California`s great gospel artists.

Angel Sessions: Genre and Uniqueness

Angel is a staunch Christian with an immense passion for spreading the word through her musical talent. Her music is characterised by the powerful lyrics which empower, encourage and inspire masses to believe in God and His presence in believers` lives. As a gifted songwriter, Angel Sessions has continued to wow her fans, and the Christian community in general, through the quality of music she produces.

Sessions is known for her impressive vocal ability to captivate masses while performing. These attributes coupled with her desire to spread the word make her a unique, modern day artist with enormous influence especially on the youth.


Angel Sessions: at a Glance

With already 12 albums to her name, Angel is not about to stop. Angels 9th album, “ Songs of Comfort” released April 2015 was on Amazon`s Contemporary Christian top 100 for an impressive 14 weeks. Angel won the award for Best Gospel R&B Song in the Akademia Music Awards for her song “Don’t Let Go.” Since recording her first Gospel album in 2005, Angel has gone on to receive various national accolades and recognition for her contribution to the music industry. She shot her first gospel videos in 2012 which were well received by both the media and fans. Angel`s third single “He`s the same” from her album, “Songs of Comfort” peaked at #1 on Amazon bestselling praise and worship.

Angel uses her social media accounts to inspire people and remind them of the love of God. Angel is a firm believer of hard work and often rallies her fans to remain perseverant and put their trust in God. Most of Angel`s fans are contented with the direct influence her music has on the masses and hope to have another album released soon based on the thousands of comments posted on her various social media accounts.

Angel Sessions: Album Review

Know Them by Their Fruits

One of Angels greatest albums, “Know Them by Their Fruits” has eleven tracks.  They are inspirational and entertaining at the same time. Her second song from the album is titled “He loves you” and attempts to uplift and motivate people who are on the verge of giving up and succumbing to their plights. The album is well stocked with praise, motivational and inspiration tracks that are written to nourish the listeners by blessing their lives with good music and constructive lyrics.

“Know Them by Their Fruits” is an exquisitely produced album with relevant-Christian based content guaranteed to bless listeners. By revealing God`s will through her music, Angel believes that she puts her songwriting and performing skills to the best possible use. The California-based artist recently won the Best Female Gospel Artist of the Year at the Northern California Entertainment awards.

Angel Sessions is among the most respected and influential Gospel artists in California; and often refers to herself as a passionate performing artist interested in the holistic growth of the human soul.





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