Reuben Gray Releases Cover of Taylor Swift’s “Gorgeous”

Influenced by artists like James Bay, James Blunt, Hozier, McFly, and Prince, 16 year old Reuben Gray is a young singer and songwriter based in Guildford, Surrey who wants to be the next big star.

It all started when Reuben would write music at a young age. He wrote simple piano pieces, which then led him to writing full songs. Once he wrote and performed his first song at just 10 years old, that was it for Reuben. He knew exactly what he wanted.

As Reuben got more and more into the music industry, he eventually starred on Britain’s Got Talent in 2017, where he made the final three after the public vote in the semi-final. Since then, he has been keeping himself busy creating new content for the fans that he gained through the show. Because let’s be honest, you always should take advantage of any opportunity that life gives you. And this was a huge one.

Take a look at some of his journey below:

Since the show, Reuben has been gigging around Surrey and London, as well covering songs and performing original content on his YouTube page. For his latest cover, he sang “Gorgeous” by Taylor Swift, which he beautifully put his own twist on as he plays the piano, guitar, and saxophone.

The video features Reuben at what we believe is the living room in his house with two young fans (or fans/family members) spending time with him. Watching the video, you can’t help but smile as the three of them are having a good time. And clearly, his fans agree.

Here are some YouTube comments for his cover of “Gorgeous”:

• Unicorns X Bananas – You sound so good  wish you the best luck in the future

• MissTaken Mindy – Omg this is bloody amazing

• Jordyn McPoyle – Your’e so amazing and you made me feel like anything is possible so thank you and hope you have the best future

• illuminated muffin – This cover is actually gorgeous!!!!!!!

• Eliza Babbitt – I love how you twist each song into your own in a way!! Keep up the good work x

Reuben is currently in the studio recording his new EP, so be sure to follow him on social media to stay updated!

Check out Reuben’s cover of Taylor Swift’s “Gorgeous” below:

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Reuben Gray:





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