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  • Natalia Damini

    Natalia Damini – Taking the USA by storm

    Natalia Damini Los Angeles – Taking the USA by storm It is well known that international singer songwriter Natalia Damini, took off to a strong start in her musical career at the young age of 17 with the release of ‘Feelin’ The Love’. The song was produced alongside a friend, who sent it to the […] More

  • P!nk Releases Music Video for “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”

    P!nk is known for lots of color, stunning dance numbers that include herself doing acrobatics, and overall a bad*ss girl power attitude. But with her newest video for “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” off of her album Beautiful Trauma, she took things to the next level. Directed by Sasha Samsonova, P!nk calmed things down with […] More

  • Featuring: Joe Hurworth

    Joe Hurworth is a British musician based in Newquay whose modern, comforting and soulful tones paint a picture in my mind of a candlelit dinner and a bottle of wine. His most recent song “Creativity” further emphasises this warm image with its strong Latin vibes and smooth vocals. “Creativity” featured Chris Hogg on the guitar, […] More

  • Andrew Reed Releases “If All the World Were Right”

    Andrew Reed is an introspective rock artist and producer from Asheville, North Carolina whose ideas are reflected in music, film, and in spoken/written platforms. He describes his music to be “for seekers.” Not new to music, Andrew has released five previous albums before his newest. Those albums were Search for Significance (2007), Delusions of Grandeur (2009), […] More

  • MAX Is Finally Getting The Attention and Love He Deserves

    MAX is a pop singer and songwriter who has been in the music/entertainment business since starring on Nickelodeon’s movie Rags and television show How to Rock  back in 2012, along with many other roles in the industry. One of these roles include going on tour with Fall Out Boy, Wiz Khalifa, and Hoodie Allen on the […] More

  • Troye Sivan Releases “My My My!” and “The Good Side”

    Following his 2015 studio debut, Blue Neighbourhood, it looks like Troye Sivan has another album in the works after he released two new tracks. And we couldn’t be any happier! First, he surprised fans by releasing “My My My!” which is an electronic pop track that’s all about “liberation, freedom, and love,” according to Troye […] More

  • Blue Helix Release Music Video for “Anti-Social Butterfly”

    From Puyallup, Washington and Sao Paulo, Brazil, Blue Helix is a modern rock band consisting of Sami Chohfi, Arman Birang, Marco Bicca, and Wolf. Sami, the singer and songwriter of the group, dealt with bullying as a kid. So he used the power of music to help others going through the same or similar issues […] More

  • Eli Lieb Releases Music Video for “Next To You”

    Eli Lieb is a pop singer and songwriter from Fairfield, Iowa. But his music career all started in New York City, where he first began to create music. And it’s a good thing he did, because that led to the creation of his first solo album in 2011, which was featured in US Weekly, Out, […] More

  • Natalise + The Sunset Run Release Music Video for “Be”

    Natalise + the Sunset Run is a Los Angeles based pop/alternative band who just released their brand new single “Be”, off of their 2017 EP Constellations. Inspired by bands with consequential music such as Coldplay, One Republic, and Snow Patrol, Natalise + the Sunset Run also has an important message in their music. “Be” is […] More

  • Alisan Porter Releases Empowering Music Video for “Change”

    Season 10 winner of The Voice, Alisan Porter, is starting over. Not long ago, she announced that she’s recording a new EP independently. She tweeted saying, “Not everything worked out perfectly with my ‘record deal’. So I went back to the drawing board.” “What I represented to you all on The Voice was exactly who I […] More

  • Hot Popular

    Danielle Morgan: A Persistent Talent – London Singer/Songwriter

    Danielle Morgan: London Singer/Songwriter Danielle Morgan is a London based singer/songwriter/musician whose recent album, The Abbey Road Session is, is gaining much critical acclaim. The Limited Edition E.P. ranked #151 on its first day of release on Amazon UK, impressed fans the world over with her mature vocals and smooth sound. Patience and Persistence Pays […] More