Meet Gobbana! – The New Face Of Philly Hip Hop

Meet Gobbana! – The New Face Of Philly Hip Hop 🎤📀

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Gobbana is a Philly-based, hip hop artist who aims to inspire the world to take hold of their own lives and utilize their struggles to achieve success. His sound is emotionally eclectic, consisting of club anthems, emotional ballots, and prophetic predictions of much needed change worldwide. Gobbana has opened up for major acts such as Migos and K Camp and is looking forward to bringing his inspiration to your living room!

In his latest single, “My First”, Gobbana paints a vivid picture of the emotional journey we’ve all traveled with our first love, as we ponder the unanswered question: “What would’ve happened if we stayed together?” Thanks to his introspective rap style, Gobbana’s artistry leaves a footprint of dynamic cultural presence that undoubtedly elevates the morale of all.


Instagram: @Gobbana
Twitter: @Gobbana
Facebook: @gobbanamusic

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