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Didn’t creative scientists like Einstein and many other artists often discover new things and create great works in their quieter hours? Creativity can flourish when distractions are kept at bay. That’s something which singer and songwriter Emma Longard also found out to be true. Nothing distracted her while composing the songs for her EP “Quieter Pt. 1”. It was actually just a mood that she gave a name to. The result is a work that proves that there really is power in quietness.

Picture the six songs like a climb up a mountain: You feel bad at the bottom. You think you won’t make it to the top. However, with every step your mood lightens up and everything becomes easier. You are much stronger than you thought. Now, you are standing on the summit and even helping others up. This is what “Quieter Pt. 1” sounds like.

She talks about the beginning of the lockdown and the feeling of sinking in “Into Dark Waters” in a smoky, soft singing voice on the first song of the EP. On “Night Sky”, the theme is a relationship that never ends despite the absence of one person because the other stays with you in spirit (like a star in the night sky). Who or what you can blame butterflies in your stomach on, just so you don’t have to take your feelings seriously, becomes clear in the song “Blame it on a stranger”. “Quieter” describes the peace within oneself that can bring about powerful change and personal growth. “New Meaning” hits a cheerful note and gives a new perspective on life. The journey ends at the summit with “Running against the tide”. It’s about the importance of always getting up again and swimming against the tide to stand up for what you believe in.

In contrast to her debut album, Emma Longard releases her EP “Quieter Pt. 1” as an independent artist without mainstream partners. Funded by the “Initiative Musik”, tracks from the EP have been released since January 2021 and will be complete tomorrow, May 7. As it is a “Part 1”, there will also be a second part, which is planned for autumn 2021.

Emma Longard knows how to show her vulnerable, soft and sensitive side not as a weakness, but as a strength in a still male-dominated world, with songs that are quiet but not silent.


Running Against The Tide” is the focus track of the EP and you can listen to it already today here:


Here you’ll find here videos: Emma Longard – YouTube


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