Isabelle Eberdean Encapsulates the Lost Wonder of Adolescence on Sleek New Neo-soul Track ‘Inner Thoughts’

Blessed with a generational voice, Trondheim-native Isabelle Eberdean makes exquisitely crafted R&B-pop. Blending retro-soul textures and sprinklings of jazz with contemporary pop productions, she creates a sublime, genre-defying soundscape for the 2020s. Having grown up surrounded by classic jazz and soul music, Isabelle Eberdean’s sound takes timeless elements from artists like Aretha Franklin and Roberta Flack and combines them with the slick modern flourishes of artists such as Snoh Aalegra and H.E.R.

In collaboration with producer Marius Elfstedt (Selmer, Mall Girl, Henrik Felipe), Isabelle Eberdean has put together a faultless collection of tracks, starting with debut single ’Focus on You’ in February and ending with her first EP in June. An eclectic homage to the musical flora she is influenced by, ‘Internal Monologue EP’ is danceable, chilled and intimate all at once, effortlessly traversing through pop, disco and jazz and perhaps best described in her own words as simply “a vibe”.

Following on from the hazy romance of debut single ‘Focus on You’, new track ‘Inner Thoughts’ combines Isabelle Eberdean’s composed vocal style and accessible lyrics with rich saxophone lead-lines to further showcase her mastery of the R&B genre. A silky-smooth Neo-soul track, ’Inner Thoughts’ is about “reminiscing back to your childhood when everything seemed simple and growing up only to figure out that everything is not handed to you on a golden plate and that the world is unfair,” says Isabelle Eberdean.

With her sincere, personal lyrics, Isabelle Eberdean tackles the multi-faceted themes of first love and the everyday dilemmas of modern life, with words that pertinently reflect the sheer diversity of life surrounding us all. Having already been booked to play Trondheim Calling in 2021, Isabelle Eberdean is poised to become the new R&B star of Scandinavia, bringing a fresh new approach to a genre that is oft-imitated but rarely mastered. Until now.

‘Inner Thoughts’ is out March 16th on Monstera Records.

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