banjul, Gambia

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Baboon dey chop lyrics it's thunda boy again (yhea yhea) (yhea yhea) (oh no oh no oh no) let me go again (chorus) monkey dey work oh and dey say na baboon dey chop oh (x2) e don teh (x3) when dey say nyash dey for back oh e don teh (x3) when dey say nyash dey for back oh (verse 1) i...
2 bad lyrics intro: 2 badoo........ 2 badoo (verse 1) i've fallen in love many times yhea but always with you (but always with you) every time i see your face i fall in love all over again (all over again) i don't wanna be your favourite no i don't wanna be your best friend no i wanna be...
Thunda boy is a 26 year old african musician, singer, song writer and a beat maker that is making waves all across west africa with his mix of afro beats and lyrics that tell the stories of how life is for young people in the gambia. Game game lyrics (chorus) game game na game deh dey...