bognor regis, United Kingdom

21 year old songwriter..
Written by charlie cooke guitar and vocals - charlie cooke lyrics: it's been some time, no more do i look behind everything has flipped around you said we'd be one and two without the three now it's barely worth the count i still wanna talk it out i still wanna talk it out i can't see that...
Written by charlie cooke guitar & vocals - charlie cooke lyrics: feeling done but i gotta run now, baby 'cause i'm wasted, 'cause i'm wasted feeling low but i've been high and i'm still wasted, still wasted maybe something's got to change i don't like feeling this pain i keep thinking...
She wanna spend time written by: charlie cooke produced by: swalie pharo & charlie cooke vocals: swalie pharo & charlie cooke guitars, bass, drums & keyboards: charlie cooke lyrics: walking under purple skies walking to the night she wanna spend time she wanna spend time with...