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For the times when you there are no words, for the times she said goodbye, for the times when you can't find the light or when everything's just right. This beat fits for every mood. Don't believe me? Give it a listen. If you want to play on loop this is also on bandlab where you can,...

If you want to play infamous montage on loop you can also go to bandlab. Com/dabioo
Artist: all atomic label - all atomic tunes creating different styles of electronic music.
I've been through so much you wouldn't even believe but i don't look like my struggles i choose to learn from it and come back stronger...

Just an artist sharing my visions with the world.. I may not be what you want but i'll always express myself freely
In this song in am expressing myself to the lady telling her that i want her in my bed because she is hot and y, this is a party vibes song that relax your mine.
Al : the mind's vibe released : 2/27/23 • all tracks produced, performed, written, recorded, mixed, mastered, composed & arranged by rob "damfmastermind" rotandi • al art design by rob "damfmastermind" rotandi

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