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Gagmesharkoff is a one-man band that cranks out a mix of punk, post-punk, garage rock and instrumental music with a ghetto setup. Gagmesharkoff@gmail. Com
Froppo is an american electronic/synthwave/chillwave/retrowave music artist led by froppo pascal (james ash) who is currently based in saint george, ut. Froppo records primarily on his own but occasionally works with other artists to create fresh new tracks and sounds. This particular track...

Froppo is an american electronic/synthpop/1980s dreampop music artist led by froppo pascal (james ash) and is currently based in saint george, ut.
"bowerbird" off of the 2018 al old spells by tennessee magi.
☄️"this little al was made for dreamers. Slow retro tunes from far away... From the past. "☄️ ✪ 7 track al: download the al "dare to dream" here for free: https://kimlightyear. Bandcamp. Com/al/dare-to-dream ✪ soundcloud: https://soundcloud. Com/kim-lightyear ✪...

✪ retrowave, vgm, soundtracks, scifi, dreamwave, dreampop, vocoder, 80's, horror, synthpop
Music producer and composer.