Bangor, United Kingdom

We are an alternative rock band from north wales. Our influences are very varied, and so we incorporate these influences in our music..
Drivin' in my car on my way back to you (woah woah) took myself too far tryin' to get back for you (woah woah) barin' the weight of a frown you shouldn't be lookin' down i feel like drownin' leavin' it all at the door go back to how we were before when we didn't know when we didn't...
This song is sung in the welsh language. Lyrics: mmhh mmmh ti 'di priodi ti'm yn hapus pethau 'di troi ers i chi fod yn yr eglwys mmhh mmmh be' ddigwyddodd aeth i grwydro methu gafael arni digon tynn mae hi 'di mynd mae hi 'di mynd ti'n disgwyl i bethau newid ond mae'r poen yn...
Time is passing faster than reality (ooohhh) keep from holding on sprinting by the days like lost forget-me-nots (ooohhh) always moving on take it all back take it all back can you outrun you’re responsibilities (ooohhh) get away from them doing things the way you want to ‘cause...