tabriz, Iran
Fardis aghapour, professionally known as taio pain, is a british, iranian singer and songwriter. He arrested by iran intelligent service for his songs in 2014.
Taio pain has sang this song just for dj antoine.
As transfermarket says we are top 5 in the world we are tiraxtur viewers everybody knows us in the world as transfermarket says we are higher than nal we are tiraxtur nation everybody proud us in the world forty milion people shouts: “yaşa azerbayjan” forty milion people...
Verse 1: when we born they told us we've one god for us now where is god? I can't feel it where is god? Show for us we are longing we are fast until what will happen last? We want to see now our host verse 2: cause you say to me impious but you accept it without reasons baby i'm...