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  • How To Write a Band Bio

    How To Write a Band Bio – A Simple Overview

    How To Write a Band Bio Bands are always faced with the task of how to write a band bio when they create a website. It is a great way of explaining and selling yourself. Starting to write a bio can be very overwhelming. Talented solicits and groups always fall short when it comes to writing […] More

  • Plan a Music Gig


    How to Organise and Plan a Music Gig in 7 Easy Steps

    How to Plan a Music Gig in 7 Easy Steps Almost every music fan loves seeing his or her favourite band live. This gives them an opportunity to discover their musicians more thoroughly. This is why people love music gigs. The gig is the best medium of introducing a new act to a wider audience […] More

  • Music Sharing Site

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    Cloud Based Music Sharing Revolution for Independent Artists

    Cloud-Based Music Sharing Revolution for Independent Artists Get Independent As a cloud-based music sharing content delivery platform, can help independent music artists succeed. It is designed solely for the independent music artist, offering a range of of do-it-yourself promotion, marketing, and distribution options for independent music artists. Independent music is often a break away from […] More

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    The Bleachers – Indie Music’s Biggest Secret

    This Band Is Indie Music’s Biggest Secret Indie Music at its Best! If you haven’t heard of the band, Bleachers, yet, you might as well check them out on Youtube or Spotify. With their first indie music single, “I Wanna Get Better,” they have catapulted up and around the United States – but still not […] More