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[intro: nicki minaj & august triller] uh (the coal cash collection) it's the queen sleaze nine months motherin' pregnant, like, what? I'm bool sada, what up? (bang, bang, bang) detroit [verse 1: nicki minaj] ooh, lil' wanna try it i told him, "black lives matter," i'ma...
[verse 1] they'll never thank me for opening doors but they ain't even thank jesus when he died on the cross 'cause your spirit is ungrateful es is so hateful, i remain a staple my career's been the pinkprint when i retire, tell 'em think pink pink friday is the imprint and these es basic,...
Don't ever in' play with me y'all s know, y'all es know i'm the ing queen you ho es know, you dirty es know (grrr) pooh, you a fool for this one drop the strings on 'em [verse 1] woke up, the price of coke up (woo, woo) i just hit 'em with the low cut, then my folks up...