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Our Website : http://www.melbournegoldcompany.com.au/ Selling precious metal and getting good prices on it is not a matter of chance. Practice the above tips, do your research and stay ahead of the price game. That way, you can get the best prices when you Sell Bullion Melbourne. True, these points of sale give you access to instant cash but they are also robbing you of what is rightfully yours. Sell gold or silver jewelry online if you want good prices for these metals. Shop around to find the right prices and the right buyers. Some buyers deal directly with manufacturers and retailers. Such buyers will be able to give you the best deal on your jewelry. My Profile : http://indiesound.com/u/melbournegoldco More Audios : http://demo.audiosharescript.com/audios/17433/sell-gold-melbourne.html http://demo.audiosharescript.com/audios/17434/gold-buyers-melbourne.html http://demo.audiosharescript.com/audios/17435/cash-for-gold-melbourne.html