Rosario, Argentina
Sergio schnitzler aka yio / yiomultimedia musician, digital artist, royalty free stock. Genres: downtempo, epic vocal trance, chillout, synthpop, soundtracks.
This is a powerful exciting vocal trance/dance song performed on synthesizers. Lyrics talk about love dependence, emotional ties and bonds. It's also a love song with a little retro / old school style. T-shirt: http://www. Zazzle. Com/yio_the_bond_song_cover_art_t_shirt-235996088360863124 video...
Mystical techno trance song with female vocals with a sensual vibe and english lyrics about karma, dharma and tantra. It’s also a fast love song. Soundtrack performed on synthesizers. Original soundtrack by sergio schnitzler aka yio lyrics and vocals by lea rossetti (maria lea rossetti aka...
A downtempo female vocal dubstep song, with english lyrics about the ups and downs in life and the possibility of discover our hidden abilities. Video presentation: https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=zuknt2ar5hm male version also available composer, guitar player and programmer: sergio schnitzler...