United States
Inspired by 60's-70's singer-songwriters..
Life’s a stage we play that’s never really over and we smile outside and cry alone so no one will notice that you’re sad but all those thoughts go racing out the door when you cover up the problems you can’t face anymore shine bright my darling oh shine bright for me shine bright...
Hey it’s mr romance, you’re too busy for ing said the games i pla that they were only for stalling, well look just write another page in your book now it’s mr. See you later busy free falling seems the walls we built that they are already tumbling down i’m running like the devil...
You said take it slow a couple drinks ago your head keeps turning i keep burning up for you colors everywhere shine off your dark brown hair caught up in your stare i’m floating off the ground i know, i know my feet are dragging probably a little too loud i know, i know i read your...