Baden-Baden, Germany
Creator of opera en vogue concert pianist conductor producer singer musical consultant.
Welcome to my indiesound! This track is my own arrangement of the o mio babbino caro, on of the most famous soprano arias by puccini for 2 piano and strings. Enjoy!
You were my inspiration, my daily bread, my wine you were strong when i was weak, you walked the path, which i dreamed of. You taught my what real life is, without any pretense, only honesty. How i wish we could combine our lives, our lives together. I’ll remember you, my loved...
Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday saturday, sunday and d day... Another week, the same old game, and circling around somehow never end. Looking for a new way, a different way, an out way, just not the same way. Fin'lly i became "masterman" and took the only way... I am a...