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Take you out 
i heard em say the first line is the hardest but i gotta tell you how i feel regardless
you truly blow my mind i’m at a loss for words guess i should just start with the introduction first i’m the guy who don’t know everything but i know you got something in you that...
Chit chat can i talk to ya? I don’t mean any harm. Not another fella that would lead with the charm get what he want then leave you alone cause what i’m on 
i hope you listening to hear you out is my mission you and me together baby that’s my vision 
but if you wanna go slow i...
Ride wit me what it do girl? 
no lies i’d rather keep it real with you girl
if you and i was together i’d never need a new girl cause your precious to my heart similar to new pearls dudes be traveling from afar just for you girl trying to conquer your heart a brave new world but them...
Mind go hook 

i’ve been waiting on this way too long now it’s time for me to wake up sing my song yea i gotta let my mind go, yea i gotta let my mind go, oh and i’ve been feeling it all in my bones but i was worried about everything that could go wrong now it’s time to et my mind...
Holy ground background vocals take off your shoes, you’re standing holy ground, holy ground take off your cool, you are on holy ground, holy ground i remember, i remember yea, the old days they play like my movies on my head before the go pro i’m not here to pay homage to my old...