Kopavogur, Iceland
Ivar is a songwriter a singer and a guitar and keyboard player. The musical genre he plays could probably be classified as indie pop music..
All the colors by ivar sigurbergsson nobody has time for bickering we'll get nowhere by using hate the earth was here before we were cause nature doesn't discriminate look around and drop your ego there's a million beautiful hues we can all see every single one but for some reason we...
All these words flying through the air pick some out, does anybody care? You can find what you've been missing if you just slow down and listen certain words are just a distraction they produce a knee-jerk reaction but patience can keep you from leaning and uncover the actual meaning you've...
Happening now by ivar sigurbergsson http://ivar0707. Com ringtones sounding in the air newsfeeds flowing everywhere drivers not paying any attention off somewhere in another dimension lovers will fight but they don't know why when the clouds converge across the sky too many mouths and not...