Conwy, United Kingdom
Phillip foxley is a songwriter/guitarist from the uk. His speciality is writing music for tv and film soundtracks..
A simple, energetic punk rock track written in feb 2018 with a powerful message for politicians everywhere. Vocals: raphael gazal drums: jason meekins
This is a simple dual acoustic guitar instrumental piece written in feb 2016, specifically for a film clip pitch. The director wanted a simple, understated yet melodic acoustic guitar piece approx 2 mins long. This is what i came up with.
I don't want to go: the wind is blowing strongly and it's pulling at my hair a 'thing' has appeared in front of me and i can only stare "what manner of beast is this"? I ask my self aloud "to be able to materialize in a swirling brimstone cloud"? The wind is blowing...