London UK
Reflections ep out now!.
As i rise through the deep i hear voices singing me to sleep as i run through the night i hear whispers freezing me with fright breathe with me now and take a look around cos it's over and i'm alive as i break through to dawn i feel new i feel reborn and as i swim toward the...
You know that this is right all the things we really are come out at night bleeding in the dark finding peace through an empty heart and now that we've come all this way i believe that there is nothing more to say so standing by the truth lets take a bite and let the morning fade you...
I've been down like this for hours i've been down like this for days i've been waiting for the end to com hoping this was all a phase i'm broken and i'm bleeding, hard but i am focussed and assured i need a minute just to catch my breath i'm ready for what's coming through that door...