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    Natalia Damini – Taking the USA by storm

    Natalia Damini

    Natalia Damini Los Angeles – Taking the USA by storm It is well known that international singer songwriter Natalia Damini, took off to a strong start in her musical career at the young age of 17 with the release of ‘Feelin’ The Love’. The song was produced alongside a friend, who sent it to the […]

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    Darren Parry – Welsh Multiple Award Winner Released New Single

    Darren Parry Wales

    Darren Parry Wales – Words Don’t Even Come Close Darren Parry, the Welsh songwriter & singer, and the multiple award winner released new single, “The Grass Is Not Always Greener” on 28th January. This latest hit followed a successful and eventful year for the Welsh songwriter and singer, including Lee Gilbert and Nina Jones. He […]

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    Angel Sessions – Among the Most Respected and Influential Gospel Music Artists in California

    Angel Sessions California

    Angel Sessions at A Glance Angel Sessions: an award winning, singing, performing gospel artist with over ten studio albums spanning throughout her illustrious career. Tipped to become a musical legend, Angel started her singing journey at an early age – building her reputation as a brilliant vocalist and songwriter. Throughout her career, Angel has received […]

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    Danielle Morgan: A Persistent Talent – London Singer/Songwriter

    Danielle Morgan: London Singer/Songwriter Danielle Morgan is a London based singer/songwriter/musician whose recent album, The Abbey Road Session is, is gaining much critical acclaim. The Limited Edition E.P. ranked #151 on its first day of release on Amazon UK, impressed fans the world over with her mature vocals and smooth sound. Patience and Persistence Pays […]

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    Top 10 Indie Bands – Most Influential Indie Bands Ever

    Top 10 Indie Bands – Most Influential Indie Bands Ever The ‘ Indie Rock’ genre originated in the US and some parts of the UK, during the 70’s and 80’s. It is very hard to define the exact boundaries of the genre, but it is basically a kind of alternative rock which was mostly popular […]

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    How To Write a Band Bio – A Simple Overview

    How To Write a Band Bio

    How To Write a Band Bio Bands are always faced with the task of how to write a band bio when they create a website. It is a great way of explaining and selling yourself. Starting to write a bio can be very overwhelming. Talented solicits and groups always fall short when it comes to writing […]

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    How to Organise and Plan a Music Gig in 7 Easy Steps

    Plan a Music Gig

    How to Plan a Music Gig in 7 Easy Steps Almost every music fan loves seeing his or her favourite band live. This gives them an opportunity to discover their musicians more thoroughly. This is why people love music gigs. The gig is the best medium of introducing a new act to a wider audience […]

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    Cloud Based Music Sharing Revolution for Independent Artists

    Music Sharing Site

    Cloud-Based Music Sharing Revolution for Independent Artists Get Independent As a cloud-based music sharing content delivery platform, Indiesound.com can help independent music artists succeed. It is designed solely for the independent music artist, offering a range of of do-it-yourself promotion, marketing, and distribution options for independent music artists. Independent music is often a break away from […]

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    Build your Music Festival Audience with Indiesound.com

    Music Festival

    Build your Music Festival Audience with Indiesound.com Building on the momentous changes the online revolution has brought to all fields, the music industry has undergone tremendous changes in terms of creation, marketing strategies, and distribution. Although the quality of the music still remains paramount, marketing for a music festival using modern techniques such as uploading […]